Biggest Little Fur Con (BLFC for short) is a convention for furries, or those who enjoy anthropomorphic animals. The convention began humbly in 2013 as a small local convention with 700 attendees that took up one small portion of the convention space at the GSR. Within 4 years, BLFC has grown to the 3rd largest furry convention (by attendance) in the United States, playing host to over 5,000 attendees from all 50 states and 11 foreign countries. The events and activities that once took place in a single room now occupy the entirety of the GSR’s convention space, and provide for many activities and amenities for our attendees.

The convention proudly features a sales hall with artists, craftspersons and vendors of all types. All of these vendors are small-business owners and BLFC provides an opportunity for them to reach their desired audience and present their products in an interactive and highly engaging environment. This is particularly important as nearly all of the furry fandom’s content is self-made and not drawn from larger media as a whole. As the majority of furries have self created personas to represent them, the art, costumes and literature are creative works born of the imaginations of the fandom itself, and brought to life by vendors like those occupying the sales hall.

Many of our attendees also opt to offer panels at the convention, on topics ranging from figure drawing to writing poetry to skills for running your own business. In addition to the panels, the convention provides video and board gaming, dances, a gathering for those who wear costumes of their characters and much more.

For all of the fun the convention brings, it also brings charity from both the event and the kind and giving guests. Reno Area Anthropomorphic Arts and Recreations (RAAAR) functions as the non-profit host of the event and coordinates the charitable giving. In 4 years of operation, BLFC has raised $130,600 to benefit Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary of Imlay, Nevada. As a Nevada born and grown convention, BLFC is proud to give back to a local charity like Safe Haven, and looks forward to further cooperation with local charities in coming years.

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