Fursuit Festival

About the Festival

We are excited to bring back the Fursuit Festival! This year on Friday, after the Dealer’s Den closes, we will be launching with our giant group fursuit photo in Main Stage at 7:20pm SHARP and then fill both the main stage and second stage areas with tons of photo shoot areas and activities for everyone to enjoy! Here’s how the evening will work:

Big Group Photo

The Festival will be Friday evening, starting 7PM and going until 9PM. Suiters can begin staging at 6:30PM in Second Stage (Grand Ballroom), but there won’t be any special fursuit tag giveaways so there’s no need to fall in line – just show up!

Photo stations

There will be six dedicated photo stations for scheduled photo shoots. There’s also an impromptu photo station again this year, so even if you’re not on the schedule, you can still get the red carpet treatment! To get a group photo at the impromptu station, just assemble your group and walk right up!

A Tale of Two Rooms

This year, all photo shoots will be in Main Stage, keeping the Grand Ballroom free for activities and games. Plenty of space for fursuiters, photographers, and other people to freely wander and mingle!

Open to the Public

After the giant group fursuit photo, the festival begins! Suiters and non-suiters mingle across both rooms, creating lots of great interaction opportunities for fursuiters, which means all the one-on-one interaction time you can get without needing to keep up with a parade line!

Photo Schedule

6:45 - Big Photo Staging

Start gathering in Main Stage for the giant group photo

7:20 SHARP

Giant group photo is taken and the festival begins!

7:30 - Makers

  1. Self-Made
  2. Arend Studios
  3. Fursuits By Lacy
  4. Crystumes
  5. Dream Machine
  6. Beastcub Creations

7:45 - Species

  1. Foxes
  2. Wolves
  3. Lions & Tigers
  4. Rabbits & Rodents
  5. Avian
  6. Hybrids

8:00 - Makers

  1. Twinkyarts
  2. Don't Hug Cacti
  3. More Fur Less
  4. Sunny Valley
  5. Jill Costumes
  6. Kilcodo Costumes

8:15 - Colors

  1. Black & White
  2. Red
  3. Green & Blue
  4. Orange & Yellow
  5. Brown & Gray
  6. Purple & Pink

8:30 - Makers

  1. DWTA
  2. Made Fur You
  3. Blue Nose Creations
  4. Mischief Makers
  5. ByCats4Cats
  6. Tunny Says IDK

8:45 - Species

  1. Domestic Dogs
  2. Domestic Cats
  3. Bears & Pandas
  4. Raccoons & Red Pandas
  5. Hooved
  6. Reptiles & Dragons

8:55 - Makers

  1. One Fur All
  2. Dandylions LLC
  3. Stormfire Studios
  4. Sparkle Kreations
  5. Roofur
  6. Lemonbrat

Other Info

For any questions feel free to reach out to us at fursuiting@goblfc.org!

On Friday
The festival will comprise of 6:30-7:20 big photo staging, 7:20 SHARP big photo, and 7:30-9PM small photoshoots and mingle time!
Keeping You Safe
Security will be present at the fursuit lounge to keep out non-attendees.
Info Stations
Not sure of where a photo station is or when a particular photo shoot is happening? There will now be information stations available in the main ballroom, second stage area, and fursuit lounge, that will hold lots of useful information to help you plan your festival schedule! We will also have team members from Con Ops floating around able to answer your questions live, and big paper copies of the photo schedule hung up around the rooms.
So Many Fans
Powerful fans will be scattered around the Festival, for a quick refresher without having to use the fursuit lounge.
Accessible Fursuit Lounges
There will be two fursuit lounges available - The main fursuit lounge by second stage, and part of backstage behind main stage will be available as well. But these areas will still be very busy; please keep your visits as brief as you can to make room for others who need it.
No more lines
This year, we eliminated any reason to form a line: There is no special fursuit tag giveaway. You can mingle in Second Stage if you like until the group photo time. Non-suiters simply mingle in Second Stage until the photo is taken.