Fursuit Charity Dance Auction


Expect music, dancing, showcasing our fursuiters available for auction and most importantly fun as we raise money for charity. There will be individuals up for bid as well as the potential for pairs or groups of fursuiters to bid on. Do not feel like you have to bid alone. Get some friends and pool your money to bid! In return for a successful bid all we are asking is that the suiter(s) show their bidding partner(s) a good time on the dance floor for the first hour. There are no other expectations or obligations. No inappropriate or lewd acts will be implied to get bids on the stage, and the same will not be tolerated from any bidders. This entire event is good, clean fun for charity and we intend to keep it that way. All proceeds will go towards our charity.

What to expect

The suiters up for bid do not need to be great dancers, just willing to have a great time while they devote the first hour of the Friday dance to their bidder on the dance floor.

Fursuit Bachelor(ettes)s will be required to show up to the Fursuit Dance Auction and the dance on time. There will be a period of time between the auction and the dance to give all suiters time to prepare and enjoy the con. They will also be allowed to break to the headless lounge during the dance to cool off and hydrate. It really shouldn’t be any different then if they were attending the dance normally, except they’ll have an escort with them to dance with.

Our fursuiters can be any gender/agender and we only ask that they are comfortable dancing with anyone, as bidding will not be restrictive to specific attendees.

Location & Times

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Come bid on your favorite available Fursuit Bachelors and/or Bachelorettes. Should you be the winning bidder, you will be allowed to dance in a completely platonic manner with your fabulous fursuiter(s) for the first hour of the Friday night dance.

Rules for bidders: You must be at least 18 years old to place a bid and you are only allowed to win up to 2 fursuiters or 1 fursuit group. All Bids Final. Payment is taken right after the Fursuit Dance Auction (Cash, credit card, or PayPal).

The Dancers

  • Alexi Husky
  • Amenophis
  • Arco
  • Brenda Banks
  • Coney
  • Dodge and Rhye*
  • Duke Doberman
  • Elana
  • Error
  • Falcy Hedgehog
  • Hekiro Hoffdiener
  • Jin
  • Kako Borochi
  • Kharos Fox
  • Kiba
  • Kiyani
  • Lean
  • Limin Carnation
  • Myron the Fluffy
  • Natsuro
  • Princess Klovix
  • Scath
  • Spalding Indigo
  • Sparkle and Spectrum*
  • Stryker Husky
  • Sulka
  • Swizz and Lupita*
  • Thomas Doebie
  • Xion
  • Zacharie

Note: * = They’re a pair!