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Bazaar tables are intended for commission artists and other vendors who have a simple setup and fit comfortably on half of an 8-foot table. The prices are greatly reduced from Dealer Den prices.

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Con Badges are not included & must be purchased separately! Any assistants must also purchase their own badges.

NOTICE: Application does not guarantee a table. Please read the rules. Approved bazaar vendors will be notified by February 28th.

Bazaar Table

  • Badge NOT included Must be purchased separately
  • City of Reno Vendor Permit included
  • Half an 8’x2.5’ table You’ll have 4’x2.5’ of table space.
  • Table is shared with one other Bazaar vendor. Full tables not available.

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All Weekend: $40 Two days: $30 must be Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun One day: $20

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Setup Hours

  • Thursday - TBD
  • Friday - TBD
  • Saturday - TBD
  • Sunday - TBD

Vendor Rules

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Application does not guarantee a dealers den space. Approved vendors will be notified by February 28th. Judging is based on items that the applicant wishes to sell, quality of items compared to other applicants, and presentation of product. Other criteria may be added as necessary.
At the end of business each day, the bazaar will be closed, locked, and will not be opened for anyone. If you forget something you need, you will not be able to retrieve it until the next day. We recommend that you bring a sheet to cover your table with whenever you are not manning it, to make it clear that your business is closed.
Content of any maturity level can be sold in the Bazaar, but it is your responsibility to restrict visibility of adult material from the eyes of minors. Restricted material involves images depicting (a) use of narcotics, steroids, or usage of products that present a risk to consumer safety, (b) drug paraphernalia, (c) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, (d) items that are considered obscene, (e) certain sexually oriented materials or services.
Table Size
Half an 8’x2.5’ table. You’ll have 4’x2.5’ of table space.
Food, Drink & Tobacco products
Per hotel policy, pre-packaged manufactured food or drinks cannot be sold by dealers. Small candy can be given away, but not sold. Per city ordinance, all tobacco-related products (including nicotine-free vaporizer products) require a special business license that costs several hundred dollars.
Business License
The city of Reno (not the state) requires a temporary business license for exhibitors at conventions. The cost of this business license is included with your table, and BLFC will provide you with the business license on Friday of the convention before business begins. Con staff will help you fill out the form; it’s easy. Most of the information will be filled out for you.
Tax Collection
All sales are subject to state and local sales tax (7.75%). At the end of the con, you must complete your sales taxes with the dealer den lead before you leave. Income tax will be your own responsibility in your own home state/country. Nevada has no income tax.
Bazaar Assistants
Assistants of bazaar vendors will need to buy their own con badge to access the dealer’s den. When submitting your application, indicate the names of your helpers, so their badges can read “dealer assistant.”
BLFC does not allow auctions to be performed on the premises UNLESS they are silent auctions. We highly suggest that if you wish to auction off an item to do so at the art show.
Dealers are not allowed to hold raffles of any kind. Raffles are “illegal lotteries” in the state of Nevada.
Electricity Usage
Electricity is not available at Bazaar tables. Bring spare batteries and plan accordingly.
You must submit sales tax after closing on Sunday, before you leave. You must bring your final sales total to Dealer Operations and pay your sales taxes before leaving the convention. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected in future years.
Early Checkout
The dealer’s den lead can work with you at any time to process your checkout and collect taxes. Once you check out, you cannot continue business.
Payment for Table
When your application is accepted, you will receive payment instructions via email. You will also receive an email if you are placed on a waiting list. When applications on the waiting list are accepted, you will have 7 days to respond before staff moves on to the next vendor on the list.