Pool Party

Pool Party!

New this year, we have a pool party! From 8pm to midnight on three days of the con, we have the pool all to ourselves, along with drink and snack specials! We hope this will be a fun diversion from the other nightlife, and another option for late-night activities! We also get to plug into the pool area’s sound system, so we have DJs playing as well!

  • You will need your con badge to get in. The pool water shouldn’t hurt your con badge, so you can slide it somewhere under your swimwear for safekeeping once inside.
  • Fursuits are not allowed in the pools or hot tubs, but you’re welcome to be around them. Just don’t get in the water.
  • Non-shedding costumes are okay in the pools and hot tubs, if you like.
  • Pool toys are up to the lifeguard’s discretion. If the lifeguard decides they’re unsafe, you have to immediately put them away.
  • Consider bringing along a credit card with your con badge and room key, so you can enjoy the drink and snack specials.

Pool Party Hours

  • Thursday: 8pm-midnight
  • Friday: 8pm-midnight
  • Saturday: 8pm-midnight

DJ schedule

DJ schedule posting soon. To be curteous to people trying to sleep in rooms that face the pool, the sound system will be turned down at 10pm.