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What is it?

A dance battle competition that consists of individuals dancing off against each other in successive knockout rounds. The winners of each round will advance to the next round until only one victor remains!

Performance is rated by a panel of judges. There are two divisions – one for people wearing fursuits and one for non-costumed performers.

Round Format:

Each individual is matched against a random opponent ahead of time, creating a 1 vs. 1 single elimination tournament bracket.

Two dancers will be called to the floor to face off, and then a randomly selected song will be played for each performer to take a turn dancing to that song.

Performers decide between themselves who goes first. It’s a case of the first one to jump onto the dance floor and start, goes first. If you do not decide quickly, the MC will pick for you!

The first dancer will get approximately 30 seconds from the moment they step out and begin to give it their best! After that, the MC will count down from 3, signaling the current dancer to finish their performance and return to their side of the dance floor. Then their opponent will begin and they will also get approx. 30 seconds and a countdown to finish.

After both performers have gone once, a different randomly selected song will be played. Each performer will take turns dancing to that song just as before.

After these 2 rounds, judges vote for the dancer who will move on to the next round.

Dance Battle Rules

Touching a competitor in any way is not allowed while a performance is in progress. This includes by accident!

Performers should take extra caution to be safe and avoid accidental contact with their opponent, audience members or staff.

Nothing may be thrown at any person, be it your opponent, the judges, the audience, the MC or otherwise. If an item is thrown at the ground during your performance, you should pick it up and remove it from the dance floor when your round is over.

You may not throw anything onto the dance floor while it is not your turn, this includes when you are spectating.

Other dancers’ performances may not be interrupted.

Prop items are limited to clothing articles only such as bandanas, hats, etc.

Cursing, vulgar language, sexual or excessively rude behavior is not allowed.

Because this is a battle, “burns” are allowed but they should be kept appropriate.

Contestants must dance to the song that is played (choosing or declining a song is not allowed).

You may not step onto the dance floor at all while a round is in progress.


For fursuiters: Your costume must consist of a head, hand paws, feet paws & tail (when species appropriate), at minimum. Full suits are highly encouraged. “Happy feet” costume shoes are acceptable footwear.

If the dancer is performing in a partial suit, all skin must be covered.

For non-costumed performers: Attire should be that which is permitted by the convention and venue. Please don’t wear clothing with explicitly vulgar/profane writing or imagery. You will be dancing, so dress to move! Kigus and other costumes are highly encouraged.

Loose accessories which might be lost during your performance, such as rings, necklaces and lanyards, should be removed before performing.


Contestants under 16 must have parental permission and a parent in attendance for the event. Age policies for the convention must be adhered to. Parental Disclaimer: The organizers of this event aim for a “PG-13” rating and want you to know that this is a dance battle, which means it is potentially a bit more competitive by nature. However, we forbid any explicit/profane behavior or clothing and encourage good sportsmanship as well as a supportive environment for the participants.

You must abide by all convention policies and have your own, active convention membership (badge) on the day of the event.

Participation in this event is first come first served! You must sign up and be on our list to participate! Online signup is highly recommended as slots are limited! If brackets are not filled already, in-person sign-up will be made available at the convention. Once the brackets are filled, all those remaining will be placed on the waitlist.

Dancers: if you signed up, we expect you to be there! If you were placed on the waitlist, be prepared to dance–you may be called upon to take the floor suddenly and at any time! Arrive at least 15 minutes before the event! Roll-call will be taken and anyone not present will be replaced at that time. This is a dance battle, but it is meant to be fun and spirited, so cheer on your fellow dancers and show good sportsmanship! See you there!